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About Me

I am a University of North Florida Alumnus as well as a Veteran of the United States Air Force. I enjoy learning and teaching. I have two boys and two motorcycles. I have been developing web pages and web sites for 20 years. I have also been teaching in one capacity or another for the same length of time.

My Goals

One day I would like to conduct research into the use of Augmented Reality and students with Learning Disabilities. My hope is to be able to develop a system that can assist students be analyzing the students learning methods, successes and distraction and then provide the student with an academic exercise that allows them to continue on their learning path.

Why Choose Me

I'm a quick learner and I'm teachable. I'm not afraid to tell you when I don't know something, but I also have a tendency to think outside the box. I'm adaptable as both a leader and a follower. Additionally, I will listen to you. I'm not afraid of a problem or a challenge and welcome them.

My Professional Interests

Human-Centered Computing

Post-Secondary Instruction

Process Improvement

Web Development


"I had the pleasure of working with Ryan at Acosta. He is very knowledgeable with Excel and he is a hard worker! There were a lot of moving parts, and his organization skills and attention to detail were superior! In addition, he is a quick learner, very professional. I highly recommend Ryan, and hope to work with him again in the future."
Faith Shelby, Acosta Sales & Marketing

"It was my pleasure to work with Ryan. He regularly stepped outside his job description to make the organization better. His computer skills are unparalleled and his attitude is inspirational. Ryan will be a great asset to any organization that is lucky to get him."
Merry Fennesey, UPS Store 6850